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The Fragility of Life :iconlialanegraest:LialaneGraest 1 0
Mistletoe and Garland
“Marie, no. I allow quite a few frivolous items into my lab, but you are not bringing a pine tree into it.”
“It’s Christmas and we need a Christmas tree, Franken,” she argued.
“I fail to see how we need a Christmas tree.”
“Because it is Christmas! We have to have something to put the presents under!”
“What presents, Marie?” Stein asked suddenly suspicious.
“All of the ones we’ll be getting for everyone! I already have Spirit and Nygus’ bought. I know what we’re getting Azusa-“
“You mean what you’ve decide to buy them and put my name on as well?”
“Well, we are a weapon/meister team, Franken. It only makes sense. But that’s why we need a Christmas tree!” her face was animated as she flung her arms out to her sides before gesturing at a corner of the room. “I moved the couches around, and the tree will go right there.”
“Marie, no.”
:iconlialanegraest:LialaneGraest 6 2
A Fractured Mirror
"Forgive me…" The silver haired man in the mirror whispered. "Forgive me of my sins, God."
Shinigami-sama looked through the mirror, his heart breaking for the man reflected therein. "Stein-kun, only you can forgive you, because only you know the extent of them."
"Let me tell you. Let me release myself from them…" Stein's voice was broken and low, forcing the being on the other side of the mirror to lean in closer.
Even a shinigami can be startled. Stein lunged at the mirror as Shinigami-sama leaned in, hysterical giggle trailing from his throat, his scalpel quivering as he buried it in the mirror, pieces of glass hitting the floor as the mirror fractured.
"Stein-kun, we've had this discussion. Think, focus." Shinigami-sama said gently, staring at th
:iconlialanegraest:LialaneGraest 1 0
The Scientist, The Angel, and God
"Shinigami-sama." Stein's voice was little more than a whisper as he leaned against the mirror that the death god was reflected in.
"Stein-kun! How good to see ya, how are ya?" The being hopped back from the mirror a bit.
"I'm… I'm…" Giggles escaped the man. "I'm not well… Marie…"
"Have you done something to Marie-chan, Stein-kun?" Shinigami-sama asked quietly, knowing the answer, but also knowing that Stein needed to hear it.
"Not… not yet…" The man's control was slipping, that much was plainly obvious.
"And you won't, right Stein-kun?" The death god watched as Stein's hands slid over his face, almost as if the man was trying to force the giggles back into his own throat.
"Not… Marie…" A sadistic grin nearly cracked the scientist's face in half, laughter pouring from his throat. "Please… keep her… from me…"
Shinigami-sama looked sadly through the mirror. Marie stood b
:iconlialanegraest:LialaneGraest 1 0
A Marionette's Dance
The attacks came more and more often with Marie away. Stein sat on his chair, locked, by his own hand, in a small storage closet. The key was gone, pushed underneath the door in his saner moments. He knew, logically, that if he did lose it completely the thin door was not going to stop his escape, just irritate him for a moment before his wavelength destroyed it.
He hoped that it wouldn't come to that. He sat in the dark, a mirror his only company, light pouring through it. Shinigami-sama watched from the other side as the man he had asked to come back to Shibusen fought the Kishin's madness, the scientist's insane giggles drifting eerily through the silence of the Death Room.
"Stein-kun, I wish I could do something to help you." The Death God murmured silently in his mask, even though he knew that the only kindness he could offer the man was a swift death if he slipped off the path he was clinging so desperately to and refused to return.
A flash of light filled the small closet as Ste
:iconlialanegraest:LialaneGraest 1 0
A Shopping Trip
"Franken, we have to go shopping!" Marie's voice echoed through the lab.
The aforementioned scientist just sighed. A day spent shopping with Marie met that they would have food for the next few weeks and necessities, but it was also an entire day in which he would be forced to socialize with random individuals whose souls held absolutely nothing of any interest and he would more than likely never meet again. In short, it would be a long, boring day with no chance for any experimentation of note.
The door to his work lab opened and Marie called out for him again. Stein held still, hoping that her eyes wouldn't adjust to the dimness of the lab and she would overlook him, leaving him in peace and just shop on her own. He had so many more interesting experiments to perform that required him to remain inside the lab, not trapped in a grocery store or some "mart" of one type or another.
His hope was misplaced. He felt her hand touch his shoulder and he sighed inwardly. "Yes, Marie? Did you n
:iconlialanegraest:LialaneGraest 4 1
Mature content
A Madman's Love :iconlialanegraest:LialaneGraest 0 0
Mature content
Him :iconlialanegraest:LialaneGraest 0 3


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Hey everyone!


Well, I have finally finished University now so I have all the free time in the world until I find myself a job. So, until then, I have sooooooooooo much time to draw for all you guys!
I was going to just do another few free commissions, but decided instead to make this into a giveaway!!! So, without further ado, here are the details.
Please make sure to read the rules before commenting!!!!!
 - There will be several winners for the giveaway, and, through the results of the poll, I can reveal that the most votes went to FIVE winners of 200:points: each and a free chibi commission each.
 - There is also one random prize madeup entirely of donated :points: for one lucky person.
 - I have now also decided to give 10:points: each to 10 more lucky participant
:iconmisselysium:MissElysium 237 272
The generated winners are below!! >v<
1st - #77 AncientDragoness
2nd - #248 Cerosuu
3rd - #899 Mylittlemerch
4th - #925 eclipsedADOPTS
5th - #130 adoren
6th - #471 BlueSpiritWolf6
7th - #669 SARDlNES
8th - #111 DegasClover
9th - #752 ToxicFalls
10th - #573 Ribbon-Wren

And because I have some extra points, 3 randomly generated runner-ups get 20 points each ;v;
- #722 AnimeNeelson
- #526 KutieKittyKandyKorn
- #532 itsukoii

EDIT: OKAY GUYS! ENTRIES ARE CLOSED~~~ I will be announcing the winners shortly uvu (gotta restart my computer first, haha)
Yes, you heard right. A whole 2000 points. Why? Because I FINALLY REACHED 2000 WATCHERS~!!! >v< Heeehheeee!!!
-That's it! ;v; Just don't tell me you entered/faved, it gets annoying TTvT
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Atypical (MariexStein) :iconwallofillusion:WallofIllusion 5 0
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So, I've barely been writing recently. I've removed the section of my profile on fanfiction where I was offering to write requests, mainly because I've been working on original fiction now. I will post something on the odd occasion over there, but mainly I've been inactive.

So it was a surprise to me to get a review for an older story over there, yet I wasn't happy when I read it.

"Ya I have a request, (I know I'm a author too but people need to start writing these) a Oh! Edo rocket fic. Ginjiro x Akai please."

First of all, it should be "an" not "a" Oh! Edo fic, same with "an" author, not "a". Grammatical errors (even though I do make them as well) annoy me. Secondly, if you're going to review someone's story, review their damn story. Don't use it as a means to say, "Hey, write in this world. I know you only really write for a single fandom, but hey- you won't mind reading/watching something entirely new just to write a request for me, right?" Especially when you don't follow me, fave me, or review anything else that I've ever written.

It's kinda annoying. I write for myself, for my friends, and some of my stories, yes, were written because I know my fans (that is so odd to say, tbh; me, fans?) would enjoy them. But I write first of all for me, because it is something I enjoy doing, not because I feel obligated to write.

I know I'm not the first person to gripe about this, but getting a review is something I look forward to- sometimes they're what I need to work on an unfinished fic, to spur me into writing something new, or just an upper for my day. Something so selfish as to use it just to beg for a fic from a fandom I've never heard of? That peeves me.


United States


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